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The Most Adorable Prada Bag Ever!

If you know me well, you'll know that I am just slightly obsessed with bags. If you know me better, you'll know that I have a slight inclination to anything that has a good textured surface, namely velvet, tweed and furry fuzzy stuff. I mean, I love a good new leather piece cos the smell is extremely intoxicating on new leather pieces, but the fuzzy stuff always draw me in. Next to that, would prob be Bottega's leather cos it's oh-so-soft

Also, possibly having a moment with Prada that's for sure. With all the price increases coming up (Chanel, LV, even Cartier! etc), it's probably good to start venturing into other designer houses as well. This furry piece is actually made out of a Terry material and one of the limited edition pieces. I was quite lucky to have called in to inquire and they had the last piece available! They were quite the coveted piece as they only brought in 2 or 3 pieces so Prada did not even bother displaying them on the shelves I was told. This is the Prada re-edition 2000 series so it comes with the thicker strap, which I much prefer as it has more surface area for grip and sits on your shoulder more comfortably. Tbh, I went in to store to take a look at the Nylon pieces as well and somehow, they didn't entice me as much as I hope they would.

Welcome to the collection my little beauty!
I've been carrying her out on the daily cos she's such an easy bag and actually fits all my essentials. It is pretty roomy and can fit up to 3 SLGs, my car keys and slightly more if you so wish to. Such an easy grab and go piece and it basically just goes with any outfit.

What is your fav bag at the moment?


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