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Chanel Price Increase & Monday Blues


If you guys haven't already heard, well, the Chanel price increase has def landed in our humble lands and the prices of all your fav Chanel classics have sky-rocketed! Sad is us and sad is our future pockets if you're ever intending to still purchase from the fashion house in time to come.

If you ask me honestly how I feel about it, I guess with two price increase from Chanel every year, I was sort of already expecting that. What I didn't expect was just the crazy price increase. It was almost a 12%-15% increment! Don't quote me on it cos I did not camp out in front of the website a day prior and then a day after to compare the prices but that was what I have been getting from various websites.

I did pop by Chanel a couple of days prior (when I went in to purchase my Dad Sandals) and took a look at what CFs or Minis they have in store and they were oh-so-limited! The medium CF was already more than 10 grand by that point - can you imagine it after the price increase? Honestly after this price increase, I'm not even sure if I will ever consider a CF from Chanel boutiques anymore cos the prices are just too exorbitant. There is a reason why a lot of the ppl are shifting their focus to Hermes as they are known for their higher quality bags at a somewhat similar price-point. 

I guess for right now, I'm just very happy with my collection, although I would love to add a medium some time to my collection (might have to consider pre-loved), a few particular minis and still considering the trendy (simply because it is full lambskin and it still scares the crap out of me). Would def love to head back to Japan to take a look at some of the vintage pieces. I think a great thing about Chanel is that, their classics are super timeless and their vintage pieces, if kept in good condition, looks just about as beautiful (if not more beautiful) than their current season ones! I love anything that has a touch of that 24k gold plated hardware. Trust me when I say that a vintage piece is actually the way to go if you ever want a black with ghw cos nothing will beat that beauty.

Been also having a Blue moment lately. I LOVEEE this Chanel 19 of mine to the moon and back. If I had to describe myself in a bag, I honestly think that  T H I S  I S  I T . I tend to actually go for pink / nude bags for colored bags in general, but when I saw this blue, I honestly just can't pass it up. It was the perfect shade of blue and to top it all off, it has pink and white tweed running through the entire bag! Comes with mixed hardware (though love love love the fact that the CC Clasp is in brushed gold), slouchy style that doesn't require me to baby the bag too much, TWEED 😍, unique & one-of-a-kind, fits a ton of stuff!

I will never have a Monday blues moment with her by my side ♡

Did you guys manage to score any bags right before the price increase?
Share them with me!


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