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A Taste of Apartment Living


Apartment living is extremely expensive here, I'm sure we can all agree. That being said, I think having a taste of living alone / with a partner is always a good starting base to getting your own place. It enlightens you on the daily habits of each other, how we throw our clothes around, how we clean up the dirty crumbs on the table surface or how we can't stand mess on the kitchen counter. Matching up to each other's messiness is so important! (well, that's if you get past all the snoring going on in the bedroom too πŸ˜‚)


Decided to give Pan Pacific Serviced Apartments a go cos we have been trying to find a space to cook steak in for a while. I can't cook anything moo-related at home cos it's not allowed. So yes, to finding alternative solutions. After my doctor's appointment in the morning (which was way overdued), we ventured down to the Fairprice Finest at Zhongshan mall to source for ingredients and may I just add that, that Fairprice was so huge and tidy and had so many different options!

Here's the menu for the night:-

It was quite a spread & everything on/at that table was so scrumptious. YUM!
Managed to wolf down everything which was quite a feat. I was quite impressed that Pan Pac actually also provided us table mats! I like setting the table with table mats cos I feel like it just adds to the meal experience somehow.


Caught the very first Ironman movie post-dinner (& did you know that 10 rings was mentioned in that movie?!) and had a really good breakfast before checking out of the place. If you are driving, they also come with free parking. The apartment itself was also a great size and I would def revisit again.

Hope you guys had a great weekend too!


Hitting Milestones

Spent an off day a while ago and finally treated ourselves to Bedrock's steak after talking about it for oh-soo-lonngggg. It's still hands down one of my fav steak places in the city albeit on the pricey side. Book yourselves in for a lunch cos it's def way more value for money that way. I also finally got to try their famous Mac & Cheese and it's seriously delightful. *chef's kiss*

Do you guys treat yourselves to expensive meals often? I feel that I tend to only allow myself to have more indulgence in food when it comes to traveling, simply cos I give myself slightly more financial leeway on things I consume and body digest. It's for the experience after all I would say.

Also, celebrating the fact that I've managed to hit certain milestones early on this year and finally digging my hands into the Cartier pieces that I've been saving aside till that happens. This year has seen me spending on fine jewellery pieces that I know I will have for many years to come and I'm ecstatic about them! (I always need a reason to treat myself haha)

Lately, I've also been rethinking certain friendships I've been having. After 3 decades of being on Earth, it is amazing that I am still learning to decipher who are your friends and who are not; and also being "scolded" by true friends for letting people step all over me and not daring to voice out my thoughts. I think over the years, I have learnt that friendships, similar to relationships, aren't perfect all the time and if I am not comfortable with a particular thing, I want to believe that my friendship with someone else is able to withstand me sitting the person down and sharing my thoughts vice versa. It should not come from a bad place and that we share our likes and dislikes because we care about the other party.

If a person does not know who you truly are as a person after all these years, given that you never changed at all, then I suppose it is a sign that they never knew all along. & as much as it is upsetting and difficult, maybe sometimes it is just better to let things go and keep the good memories.

O U T F I T  D E E T S
Dress - Love Bonito | Shoes - & Other Stories | Bag - Chanel

Depressing things aside, we are now on to the last quarter of the year! Can you believe it? Also, they have just announced Vaccinated Travel Lanes to so many countries and it feels kinda surreal that we are allowed to travel again. It's truly been a hot minute wow. Are you guys making any travel plans yet? If so, where area you all heading to?

Share them with me! 


August 2021 Favorites

We are slowly but surely moving into Fall season! I know we don't have a change of seasons in our humble hometown, however, you gotta admit that it's been pouring down a whole lot as of late. It even rains through the night, perfect for that extra cuddle under the sheets. I am a fan of rainy weather... when I'm indoors! πŸ˜Š A little drizzle in the open is fine, just not when it's chucking down with rain and there are winds that send my umbrellas flying and have me soaking.

For this week's post, I thought I'll share with you some of my favs in the month of August.
Took this idea from Lydia Millen, whose blog I recently discovered.

BEAUTY – I can be quite picky when it comes to picking a fragrance but there is no denying the fact that I love myself a good scent. Recently, I have been enjoying Amber Musk by Aerin. Been wanting to try this scent out for so long but it was a really expensive brand, so I waited around till there was a good deal for it before snagging myself a bottle. Not great at describing scents, yet I would say that this scent is musky, slightly sweet yet not overpowering, like a comfortable hug yet still sexy at the same time. You have to take a whiff of it at your nearest Sephora the next time you pop by. It is a good one. Not to mention that the bottles are so gorgeous as well!

RESTAURANT – Had a recent girl's night out when the restrictions were slightly lifted and we were able to eat in groups of five yet again. (YAY!) We had the nicest dinner at Marcy's, a place I've been wanting to check out for a while now, but due to Covid, the plans keep getting cancelled off and it has already happened twice or thrice before! The decor in the restaurant is slightly eclectic with a huge bar (yes, they serve up cocktails) and lots of hung photoframes and vintage looking table lamps. They are predominantly well-known for their seafood so def order them fishies. My fav was the Wagyu Tartare surprisingly and they serve up a mean Pistachio gelato as well. Highly recommend!

FOOD OR DRINK ITEM – I've been on a Korean food kick if you aren't already following me on Instagram (it's @fluffedup), you would know that I've been loving all things Korean now - even learning ν•œκΈ€! Recently, I made this Dakgalbi dish that was so easy and so delicious, IT WILL CHANGE YOUR LIFE. Not kidding. Check out my Instagram page and find the recent photo and click through for the recipe. Your friends and family will love you.

NEW PURCHASE – I finally made the plunge to upgrade and give all my tech devices a facelift! My 7 year old Macbook Pro for a new Macbook Air with the M1 Chip, my 5 year old Ipad Mini for a new Ipad Air with the Apple pen!, and my 5 year old Iphone 10 for a new Iphone 12 that I scored from my friend at a really good deal! Super chuffed with all of them 😊

GAME CHANGING FIND – Believe it or not, I recently discovered the use of AirTags. Viewed a video by Tamara where she was mentioning that she has an AirTag placed into each of her luggage when she's traveling, that way she is able to track and see if the luggage even boarded the plane or got left behind at the airport. It even shows the exact country location that the luggage is in. It's friggin amazing! I have already purchased myself a set of them just to prep for future travels. This is how geared I am to travel soon next year. Please let my Amsterdam trip come through!

O U T F I T  D E E T S
Dress - Zara | Blazer - Mango | Shoes - H&M | Bag - Chanel

That's all from me this week!


A Breath of Fresh Air

Went on a month long hiatus cos I was feeling really un-inspirational and did not really have much content to put out. We are now well into the third quarter of the year. Along with struggling to achieve personal goals for the year, we also do have to remind ourselves to take a breather sometimes and nothing beats the smell of hill top fresh air amongst lush greenery.

If you've not visited Mt Faber park in a while, you really ought to! The drive up and down kinda reminded me of the turns and bends of Hong Kong hill-top slopes as well, not to mention the free parking available. They also do have some cafes and restaurants at the top of the peak should you feel like grabbing a bite whilst enjoying the view from above. Otherwise, a short hike with a bottle of water in hand would easily make a very enjoyable low-impact exercise routine.

O U T F I T  D E E T S
Top - Nike | Tights - Lulu Lemon | Shoes - Veja | Visor - Cotton On | Bottle - Dior

I've been getting really lazy with my exercising routine (well well, not surprising at all!) and I really should jump back and get onboard with it. Been exercising my brain mostly and laughing my heart out watching reruns of Running Man. Planning to execute some exciting things relating to work and good news, I finally got myself a new Macbook air, ipad and phone! It's def been a long time coming. Time to slowly move everything over to the new devices. Yay!


Fully Vaccinated and Tokyo Olympics Excitement

This week has been one of the fastest week to pass me by I must say - it just went by in a flash. I spent a lot of time resting cos I was mostly feeling lethargic, likely due to the 2nd vaccine I took on Monday afternoon. Thankfully enough, I did not experience any fever although the weather was really not helping with the rest situation. It was scorching hot the entire week! All I wanna do is just to hide in an air-con room and sip on some good old iced coffee.

✩ ✩ ✩

Here's me rocking my Chanel Dad Sandals whilst sipping on iced coffee at the side of the stairwell cos the cafe we wanted to visit was too packed so we opted for a takeaway instead. Hiding from the rays is definitely a skillset on our sunny island.

Also been spending the weekend sitting in front of the TV catching the Tokyo Olympics Artistic Gymnastics. Are you guys a fan of the Olympics? And if so, is there a particular sport that you always enjoy watching? Mine are Artistic Gym, Rhythmic Gym, Swimming, Diving and Synchro Swimming. Not entirely sure if there is Synchro swim this year though. Still, extremely excited and can't wait to watch the A gym finals! There are some individuals that I'm personally rooting for.


July New In Makeup & Chanel Factory 5 FOMO

If there's something that I've consciously stopped myself from buying anymore of, it would have to be makeup (aside from concealers and eyeliners if I ever need to replenish them in my stash). I used to be kinda make-up obsessed and would buy a whole ton of them on my trips to the states since their reward system there is so much better. I've also stopped myself from buying additional skincare until the ones in my stash are used up (which is a lot a lot), it is almost a challenge to use them up before they all go bad!

In any case, I decided to treat myself with the Sephora 15% off promotion as I've been eyeing up this Natasha Denona Mini-star palette for a while now. I'm most excited about that far left shade as it actually has a brown shadow undertone but with a reflex iridescent mermaid shift. It's v v similar to this shade in my drugstore Wet n Wild Comfort Zone palette that I've had for absolute ages if you're looking for a palette dupe and a more affordable option. I also purchased a back-up of my Becca Cosmetics Champagne Pop highlighter (only cos Becca is being discontinued and this highlighter is LIFE!), MAC's Paint Pot in Painterly (the current one I've had for ages now is more or less dried up already) & a YSL Touche Eclat using my vouchers just to try it out.

Very excited to give them all a whirl!

By a chance of a miracle, I actually managed to talk myself out of getting anything from the Chanel Factory 5 collection, which is a limited ed beauty collection to commemorate Chanel No.5's 100th year. I really really wanted 3 items on there (go figure!) but the logical side of my brain told myself not to give in cos of FOMO so there you go haha. I'm a sucker for packaging, what can I say?

If you managed to get your hands on anything in the collection, share them with me! Hope you had a great weekend (:


Prada Fall 2021 Showcase

You know the Autumn season is definitely well on its way when all the Fall showcases start dropping. I was really lucky to have been invited for the Prada Fall 2021 Showcase recently and decided to take an hour off from work just to pop by to see if anything caught my eye. 

Look at the gorgeous Prada sign at Paragon from across the street!

I honestly really think that Prada should be on everyone's radar and a brand to watch out for. Raf Simons joining the brand since April 2020 as co-creative director alongside Miuccia Prada has spurred the brand to absolute greater heights I do think. I don't remember lusting over anything from the brand prior since that Cahier constellation bag which took over the Instagram world by storm. I've been seeing so many new and exciting designs from the brand since last year and I'm all for it!

There were quite a lot of people at the event but I think the store was still trying to cap the number of people to 50pax and had to unfortunately turn away some people at the door who turned up not knowing it was a closed door private event. This season came with a lot of prints for turtle necks, the usual basics and this yellow coat that is to die for. I do like the color yellow, but only in this particular sunshine-y shade, not the pastel or mustardy kind of yellow. It has to be bright! Like a sunflower. Tell me it doesn't make you happy just looking at it (:

Tried on this high neck top, which can be worn with the collar folded down too. If you zip it up as a turtleneck, there is a Prada logo at the neckline. The skirt is a mix of straight cut with pleated detail at the side and a metal buckle for a belt. It fits really snug and I really like the look of a fitted top paired together with a statement flared out skirt to give the look a lot more volume. Paired the outfit with these Brushed Leather Loafers (the staff calls this the Chocolate shoe cos apparently they look like a chocolate bar lol) These weren't in my size unfortunately and were a size too big so I can't vouch for the fit true to size, but it def feels quite comfy when I wore them. Very street chic if you're into that look, just perhaps not the most suitable for work? 

And oh gosh, I can't believe they had the sparkly reissue bag in store that day so I finally got to see it in person since they are always sold out! The bag looks way better in real life and really has this sparkle to it. You can for sure dress it up or down. This bag is not meant to be worn low-key so if you're not into statement bags that will attract compliments and stares, this bag is def not for you haha.  I feel like this bag is an either you love it or hate it situation. Last of all, that yellow coat? It is the ultimate dream. I prolly won't ever get it though cos let's be real, there's no where for me to wear that to justify the cost of it but it's really beautiful. The details and the stitching and those big bell sleeves!! LOVE <3

I may or may not have cheekily picked up something 😬(placed something on a few weeks back and was told to wait for this event to launch). What's great about such events sometimes is you actually get promo rates only for the event attendees and I got a really good deal. My SA is also the loveliest and gave me this big blue box of sweeties. Very very kind of her.

I know it seems like all I've been doing is blogging about shopping lately but truthfully, there's nothing much else going on in my life except for work lol. The small moments I sneak out to do some retail therapy do make me happy and spark joy and I enjoy sharing those moments with you here. I'm not sure when these pieces are launching in stores at the moment but should be soon so keep a look out for them!


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