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The Most Adorable Prada Bag Ever!

If you know me well, you'll know that I am just slightly obsessed with bags. If you know me better, you'll know that I have a slight inclination to anything that has a good textured surface, namely velvet, tweed and furry fuzzy stuff. I mean, I love a good new leather piece cos the smell is extremely intoxicating on new leather pieces, but the fuzzy stuff always draw me in. Next to that, would prob be Bottega's leather cos it's oh-so-soft

Also, possibly having a moment with Prada that's for sure. With all the price increases coming up (Chanel, LV, even Cartier! etc), it's probably good to start venturing into other designer houses as well. This furry piece is actually made out of a Terry material and one of the limited edition pieces. I was quite lucky to have called in to inquire and they had the last piece available! They were quite the coveted piece as they only brought in 2 or 3 pieces so Prada did not even bother displaying them on the shelves I was told. This is the Prada re-edition 2000 series so it comes with the thicker strap, which I much prefer as it has more surface area for grip and sits on your shoulder more comfortably. Tbh, I went in to store to take a look at the Nylon pieces as well and somehow, they didn't entice me as much as I hope they would.

Welcome to the collection my little beauty!
I've been carrying her out on the daily cos she's such an easy bag and actually fits all my essentials. It is pretty roomy and can fit up to 3 SLGs, my car keys and slightly more if you so wish to. Such an easy grab and go piece and it basically just goes with any outfit.

What is your fav bag at the moment?


Dior Mid-year Sale Picks


If you are not aware or have not heard wind of, the DIOR mid-year sales are up and running in stores! I have been waiting for the sales to start for a while and was so excited when my SA texted me about it so I decided to pop by on the first day of the sale to get first dibs on all the items. For anyone interested to know, I was at the ION store (cos you are able to scan for ION rewards at Dior Ion but you can't get the 3% rebate off for MBS points). That's my main reason for visiting the Ion outlet first. Also due to their shutdown for a while, it's likely they have more items in stock than the MBS store. Very geeky I know lol.

The items mainly on sale are usually Ready to wear, shoes and accessories. I saw that in some countries, they do offer a small selection of SLGs which is so rare! but that's not happening here in the lil red dot if you are wondering.

Here are my sale picks:

I did not take images of the accessories on sale because the selection was really minimal. They do have some guitar straps on sale if you're interested! A whole lot of sunglasses and a couple of scarves. The homeware items were unfortunately not on sale. Most of the pieces are from the 2021 cruise collection. Can't believe they still have shoes in my size! I'm posting this as soon as possible so if you like any of the items you see, you should hurry down to a store soon. They also had this gorgeous GORGEOUS black gown that I did not managed to try on (it's the last one on the rack behind me in the dressing room) cos I went there late after my appointment and was pressed for time. Would love to go back just to try it on for fun.

EDIT: Popped by the MBS store today cos I was nearby and in time for store opening.

That black and white cashmere throw was so lovely and so soft. & that light blue guitar strap! (unfortunately it was in SHW so I passed on it). And yes, I'm that girl with no makeup on and strolls into Dior wearing havis LOL. In my defence, I was in a rush and wasn't expecting to step into the store anyway! The stars just aligned for me.

Beyond elated to snag a few items home.
Are you guys interested in a haul? (:


My current view on weddings, marriage & love

This is already going to be quite the controversial post - I can feel it. Nevertheless, in this post, I want to discuss about weddings, marriage and love in general and my current views on these topics. I wouldn't say I'm the love expert that everyone goes to for advice but I do get quite a handful of people confiding in me on their love lives for some reason. Perhaps it's because I tend to be able to look at things and situations from an objective manner.

It's weird how when I was young and the most part of my schooling life, all I could think about was 'how am i going to fit in'? Yet, I know that there was a deep part of me that always knew that I was different and meant to be different. I was always known previously as the 'soft-spoken' and 'quiet' one because I was always so afraid of saying the wrong things back in school. I wanted to always be right. There were so many thoughts and opinions swirling in my head but I can't seem to articulate them for fear that people would judge me and say mean things about me.

Yet, I was always that friend that people come to when they are going through a break-up, have relationship problems with their teen adolescent crush or just friendship problems in general. I'm not entirely sure why. I'm not even the best at consoling. My way of consoling is to give you space and just sit in stillness and be there for you. I will only give you advice when you want to hear them cos they are all going to be the truth and yes, at times, they may seem harsh, but I've learnt to tune up on the tactful-ness over the years whilst still conveying my thoughts across.

As we grow into adults and have relationships as adults - throw in money, personality issues, insecurities, sex, religion and you get a whole variety of problems when it comes to just keeping a loving relationship alive. Isn't it ironic when you find yourself at different points of your lives, saying things or having friends say things to you such as 'love shouldn't be this hard' and 'love is hard work every day'? They are both on the tail ends of the love spectrum. Whilst I do not necessarily believe in soulmates, I do believe that compatibility between two people is extremely important. Compatibility doesn't just mean in terms of personality, it is lifestyle, the way you spend your money, views on money, religion etc, sexual compatibility, because all these things matter.

A wise person once told me that love is a choice. As much as you can choose to love someone whilst you are in your honeymoon days, getting married, choosing to love someone when the road gets rough along the way is also important. Your spouse can choose to love you one day, and choose to not love you 10 years down the road. It is extremely possible. Humans did not start off as being monogamous creatures, as most of mammals. They shifted to monogamy due to evolution and the rise of STDs which has placed some social pressure on humans to have monogamous mating behaviour. I read this from an article and I found it mildly interesting.

I am not trying to be a cynic and I have witnessed many glorious relationships in my life. But with the rise of social media and the idea of only wanting to portray the good stuff, you really do not know what else is brewing below the surface of those well-curated images you see on Instagram. Then there is the idea of FOMO as everyone suddenly wants to be seen and be heard. They are eager to change their relationship status to 'in a relationship' as a point to validate that they are still worthy of being loved by someone. Strangely enough, I find the whole concept understandable yet it's not something that I abide by anymore.

I think that the love between two people shouldn't be quantified by how much you put out onto the Internet. Maybe there was a certain time in my life that I used to partially think this way, but due to many relationships that unfortunately did not work themselves out, I have started to move away from that. In fact, I'm starting to find that in this digital age, there is some beauty and fascination in keepings things a mystery. Everyone loves a good mystery because they are intriguing, isn't it? It's what makes you want to keep on reading and exploring.

I would say that I was THIS CLOSE to having been engaged. Heck, I even designed the engagement ring myself lol. But life works itself in mysterious ways and in a way, it's a blessing in disguise that things turned out the way they did. Usually when you take a few steps back and look upon things, that's the time you truly realise how some things were just not meant to be. It could have been partly due to that or relationships that came after, I no longer see the need to have myself a huge engagement ring, a fancy wedding dinner and everything that comes along with all of that.

To me, a loving and stable relationship where two individuals really care for each other is way more important now. In a way, I'm very glad I have got to witness most of my close friends' weddings and be a part of their beautiful day but the first thought that came to my mind whilst on my way back home was, that it validated to myself even more so that I don't want a fancy wedding lol. Don't get me wrong, I love how spectacular weddings can be cos I've managed quite a handful of them before but that's just not what I want anymore. I don't need to shout out to the whole world and tell everyone that 'hey guess what! I finally got married'. Heck, I even secretly want to do it without anyone knowing, just us two (if that's even possible in an Asian family). Although I am partial to having a secret party (shhh). I just want a nice loving home, and someone I can come home to and feel absolutely at home with. Perhaps it's also due to a been there done that kinda mentality. I have been there, done that, experienced other people's lovely weddings, hence I don't need to experience that for myself anymore. Ticked that off. Check!

Whatever it is, my point is, if you want to throw a huge celebration, by all means - go ahead! And if you don't want to, that's alright as well! Don't let society tell you or influence you into what you think you should do to validate your love for you and your significant other. At the end of the day, love & marriage is a marathon, not a race. There are many obstacles that you two, as a couple would have to go through and tuning out the noise aka opinions of everyone else, would propel you forward and keep you guys focused. Don't be afraid that you do not fit into a mould. You are meant to be unique and special. Don't ever forget that!


Awards Night & Building Habits

Hi World. You know, I keep making these floating remarks (with myself of course) or setting some sort of goals to perhaps put out a blogpost once a week and it keeps getting shot down (also, by myself). What can I say? Life gets in the way I suppose. Although, it really is all just an excuse don't you think? If you really want to do something and you put your mind to it, ANYTHING IS POSSIBLE!

So this is what I'm going to do, and hopefully, this is going to be the plan moving on, that perhaps I'll schedule a post for every Sunday of the week. and we'll see how it goes from there I suppose. I also do think that sometimes, I tend to over-think what I want to post about so honestly speaking, I'm just going to post whatever. Like the old school kinda blog days. Oh, the nostalgia! I do have some plans for my Youtube channel in all honesty, though I'm going to wait till a certain point in my life to do that.

Recently I've been getting back into cooking quite a bit. I get kinda weirdly excited planning for meals that are able to use up the same ingredients in different ways! I have found a new love in cherry tomatoes cos they just add SO MUCH sweet and good flavour into your meals and balance them out so nicely. I've also recently discovered Oat milk for my coffee. I surprisingly got over how different it tasted to full cream milk quite quickly and by the second day, I have concluded that I quite like it. Def open to trying out new oat milks out there.

Also tried to recreate the Miam Miam Spaghetti recently. It seriously tastes so good and it's all just a bunch of really great ingredients marrying together into a wonderful meal. Mmm Mmm! or should I say, Miam Miam! Looking forward to whipping up more dishes in the next few weeks to come, also as a means of trying to cut down cost from dining out. I much rather home-cooked meals anyway. 

We also celebrated my company's Awards Night 2021 a few weeks back where I went onto stage to receive my first MDRT award. It's not as grand as previous years, prior to Covid happening, but it was definitely still an experience. I'm actually more excited about that embroidered emblem that we get every year. It is so intricate and pretty and doesn't it pair so nicely with my Starry Starry Night book clutch from Olympia Le-Tan as well? I've been wanting to get one for ages ever since I saw Amelia Liana carrying one and when I saw the Impressionist collection range, I got so so excited! Really lucky to have scored this one on a sale as well.

Stay safe and hydrate!


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