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Awards Night & Building Habits

Hi World. You know, I keep making these floating remarks (with myself of course) or setting some sort of goals to perhaps put out a blogpost once a week and it keeps getting shot down (also, by myself). What can I say? Life gets in the way I suppose. Although, it really is all just an excuse don't you think? If you really want to do something and you put your mind to it, ANYTHING IS POSSIBLE!

So this is what I'm going to do, and hopefully, this is going to be the plan moving on, that perhaps I'll schedule a post for every Sunday of the week. and we'll see how it goes from there I suppose. I also do think that sometimes, I tend to over-think what I want to post about so honestly speaking, I'm just going to post whatever. Like the old school kinda blog days. Oh, the nostalgia! I do have some plans for my Youtube channel in all honesty, though I'm going to wait till a certain point in my life to do that.

Recently I've been getting back into cooking quite a bit. I get kinda weirdly excited planning for meals that are able to use up the same ingredients in different ways! I have found a new love in cherry tomatoes cos they just add SO MUCH sweet and good flavour into your meals and balance them out so nicely. I've also recently discovered Oat milk for my coffee. I surprisingly got over how different it tasted to full cream milk quite quickly and by the second day, I have concluded that I quite like it. Def open to trying out new oat milks out there.

Also tried to recreate the Miam Miam Spaghetti recently. It seriously tastes so good and it's all just a bunch of really great ingredients marrying together into a wonderful meal. Mmm Mmm! or should I say, Miam Miam! Looking forward to whipping up more dishes in the next few weeks to come, also as a means of trying to cut down cost from dining out. I much rather home-cooked meals anyway. 

We also celebrated my company's Awards Night 2021 a few weeks back where I went onto stage to receive my first MDRT award. It's not as grand as previous years, prior to Covid happening, but it was definitely still an experience. I'm actually more excited about that embroidered emblem that we get every year. It is so intricate and pretty and doesn't it pair so nicely with my Starry Starry Night book clutch from Olympia Le-Tan as well? I've been wanting to get one for ages ever since I saw Amelia Liana carrying one and when I saw the Impressionist collection range, I got so so excited! Really lucky to have scored this one on a sale as well.

Stay safe and hydrate!


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