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First Skydiving Experience

If there was something that I've wanted to tick off my Bucket List for a really long time.. it's definitely SKY-DIVING! I can't believe how long I've waited for this moment to arrive! Right from the get-go, I already knew I wanted to experience my virgin jump in the beautiful land of New Zealand. As some of you may have known, I just did an EPIC NZ trip with my bf. I am so happy with how the whole trip went, save for some minor hiccups here and there, some random squabbles between us, but ALL IS GOOD!! The food, the scenery, the adventures and the squishy company more than made up for everything that went wrong.

There are a quite a few companies that can cater to your skydiving experience in New Zealand, but we have chosen to go with NZone and do our jump in Queenstown. I HIGHLY recommend NZone Skydiving if you are ever thinking of making a jump. They are highly professional and all the safety measures are in place to make you feel... well... extremely safe so that your heart doesn't beat even faster than it already is prior to the jump!

On the day that we were scheduled to jump, the weather was pretty terrible and I wasn't surprised at all to hear from the lady at the counter that the jump (for that timing) has been cancelled. It was most likely cancelled for the entire day cos it was just really rainy and windy that day.

Needless to say, I was very bummed out by it. They offered to switch the jump timing for us and I immediately jumped at the mention of the earliest jump the next day, which we had to report at 630am. It was SO EARLY but I wasn't taking any chances! Luckily for us, the weather was pretty awesome the next day. (:

You will first be ushered into a briefing room to decide if you wanted to grab photos/videos for your jump at an additional cost that you pay after your jump. In case you're wondering, I purchased the handicam Go-Pro photos and videos for an additional $189NZD. A vehicle will pick you up and drive you to the NZone drop zone which is actually located really near Jack's Point, a 20min drive away from Shotover Street. 

Your tandem diver will introduce himself to you and guide you through all the safety features and how exactly you are going to go through the jump. Before you know it, you are boarding the plane with everyone else and flying all the way up!

The rest is history.

It was such a once in a lifetime experience!

Honestly, the scariest part was witnessing how high the plane went. You don't really have time to think properly and before you know it, you are out of the plane and floating in mid-air. All I can say is, you will never know how it feels like until you've experienced it. BE BRAVE!


KFC Cake

Move over All fudge chocolate cakes!
I have found the next best alternative to a sinful birthday cake - a KFC cake!!
(I mean, what could be better than indulging in heaps of fried chicken on a sinful day with the company of your best friends right?)

Simply order a whole box of fried chicken, arrange them in a creative manner atop a cake stand or two, throw on some cake toppers and fairy lights around (if you fancy) and there you have it; your very own Fried Chicken Cake.

Let me know if you have attempted this as well and I can rest assure you that it is going to be FINGER-LICKIN' GOOD. (:

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