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Spring in the City

On April Fool's this year, we finally embrace the fact that we are finally allowed to travel out of the country with minimum or no restrictions at all. (and it certainly is no April Fool's indeed!) Now that the world of traveling has now reopened once again for us, I am definitely excited to start planning my travels once again. It has been much too long! Oh, the agony.

Well, despite not being able to travel abroad, I still managed to catch some moments of respite in the city. Booked a lovely staycation at Amara Sanctuary Resort Sentosa a while ago and (though the experience wasn't all that pleasant indeed - I dropped them an email regarding the experience and it has been almost 2 months with still no reply unfortunately) which is rather disappointing I would say.

It was a rather gloomy day and I had pampered us with a one bedroom villa but nevertheless, we made the best out of the situation and still delighted in the company.


Sentosa, before the opening of travel, was a good idea for anyone in the city who just feels like they wanted to escape. With all the resort feels and peacocks roaming around, it almost seems like you are at a foreign beach resort. Not to mention, the perfect chance to whip out your flowy dresses for the occasion.

Had a much needed morning bubble soak in the tub (which was truly MASSIVE). Gosh, I really do miss Bali and just chillin' in a resort villa by the pool, listening to music and thinking about nothing.

For lunch, I managed to book us a spot at the rather famous Panamericana. I do recommend taking a weekday lunch off just to sit in the outdoor area and enjoy the view whilst you dig into your lunch. (*though I would say to book early to avoid any last minute disappointment). Food was splendid and had great flavour. Service was excellent and I'm just really impressed that they even served us sparkling water with garnishes.

Also, bringing out my bag baby for the occasion.
You can watch the unboxing over H E R E.

Isn't she an absolute beauty?
Looking forward to all your travel pics and let's pray and hope that there's NO MORE new variants!
Take care and safe travels (:


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