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Hello New York!

I am so lucky to be back again in one of my favourite cities in the world... NYC - this time as part of a work incentive trip with my company. Super blessed and honestly, if you ask me, I can imagine myself living here for a short while if I had the chance to. Everything about New York is great! The food, the coffee, getting around, and not to forget, the SHOPPING!

First things on the list, were definitely to have my fill of Chipotle and Shake Shack and I can't believe we conquered all of that on the same day that we arrived. By the time we got back to the hotel and settled in, everyone was just woozy and trying to adjust to the 12hr time difference - possibly the only downside about visiting the Big Apple for sure. 


We were treated to a decadent meal at Morton's in NY and the wait for food was worth it. I have not had the chance to visit the Morton's here back at home so this was the closest experience I could have for sure. I thought that the mash could have slightly more flavour to it but other than that, the food was wonderful paired with glasses of lovely red wine. 

Another spot I really wanted to visit was the 911 Memorial. The first time I came to NY, there was only the temporary museum up, that was across the street and the last I came, the queue was too long so I was pretty stoked that I got the chance to visit the museum this time round.

A few days before my flight to NY, I had no idea why but I started to rewatch documentaries of the 911 happenings on Youtube and watching stories of 'The Falling Man' totally broke my heart. I keep trying to imagine what I would have done if I were one of the victims trapped in the building. I think that I am someone who is empathetic by nature, but never till the point whereby I will feel so much emotions and cry about it. 

There was this particular room in the museum whereby they were playing the interviews they have had with the families of their loved ones lost on that fateful day and hearing all the interviews, of someone my age who perished on that day, was enough to bring absolute tears to my eyes. I couldn't help myself.

I do think that if you are ever visiting NY, this is definitely worth a visit. After all, 911 was indeed a major part of the city's history.

Visited this really swanky upscale bar called Skylark for drinks and tapas on the house. The DJ was spinning all these great tracks and I was possibly one of the rare few people in the room that night who wanted so badly to let loose and danceeee. Sad to say, apart from one really cute lady at the next table who was being such a sport, everyone else was just sitting around haha. 

The view of Times Square in all its glory! The company surprised us by flashing our photos for an hour on one of the billboards of Times Square. Definitely such an honour and once in a lifetime experience!

Injected some fun into my trip by meeting Co who happened to be in NY on a work trip as well! Finally did a decent day of shopping and checking off the places that I wanted to visit (:

First on the list was Glossier's showroom. Oh, what pink goodness there is floating around the room.


Grabbed a cuppa at La Colombe which serves up excellent coffee whilst watching Newyorkers queue up for a Supreme merch drop. Then, we stumbled upon this really cute shop called Bulletin that sells things created by women for women. And of course, how can I forget about dropping by Deciem to pick up some extra lovelies for zee face. I am a huge hugeee fan of the Ordinary products. Changed my life! 

Sweater - Monki // Jeans - Levi's // Puffer Jacket - Zara // Shoes - Vans // Cap - Zara // Bag - Michael Kors // Jewellery - Missoma; Monica Vinader

Our closing Gala night was located at this awesome hippy Brooklyn warehouse - Liberty Warehouse. Honestly, I can't imagine a location more perfect than this. High up on my checklist of where I want my wedding to be held in future. Give me a warehouse and I will create my own magic. 

The entertainment was really splendid that night and it was great seeing everyone in the room enjoy themselves! Love it when people are participating and being such great sports as opposed to being boring. They also engaged a Brooklyn-based band and they were SO GOOD. The talent in NY and the states for that matter, is seriously unimaginable.

Finally got to try The Halal Guys that Claire raved about the last she was there. They were pretty dang good but the thing that sold it to me was def the sauces. I have no idea what strange magical concoction is in the sauces but they are fantastic! Always recommend going for the bowl (cos obviously more bang for your buck) unless you want something more on-the-go, then opt for the sandwich cos they are essentially the same thing presented in different manners. 

Also indulged in some late night Ippudo...

... and ended my time off in NY having cocktails at Dutch Fred's whilst catching up with an old friend. Love speaking to people who are open-minded cos you feel like you can speak your mind and tell them anything without being afraid of saying the wrong thing or offending people with your opinions and words because honestly, who in the world has got time for that crap?

Till the next visit my beautiful city!

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