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What an Amazing 2017

I don't really know where to start with 2017 but I guess I'll start by saying that, it's been an Amazing and one of the more Rewarding years in a while now. I felt like as though, everything is coming into place and everything in my past has led me to this moment in time.

This year marks 2 years into my time at Manulife and what a journey it has been! Along the way, I have learnt so much and delved into things that was initially foreign to me all along and I am incredibly thankful for the wealth of knowledge that I have gained. I have also met many clients of all walks of life, many whom I now call friends. In a way, having a first-hand glance into how others plan out their lives makes me want to strive for excellence in my work and life so much better.

I just want to say a great big Thank You for sticking with me and believing in me.
Hitting my convention would not have been possible without the support of each and every one of you all! <3 Here's to touching more lives and building more relationships in 2018!

Speaking of building relationships, 2017 has truly been a year in which I start to see the many dynamics in my family. I am extremely thankful that some relationships have strengthened yet at the same time, witnessing some that have dwindled along the way. There is a saying that Blood is thicker than Water. However, that is never an excuse to take family for granted and relationships in a family are also constant on-going battles that we have to fight for each and every day, be it old or young.

As much as it frustrates me to know that some things cannot be altered, and it is something that we all have to understand or become accustomed to, it still pains me to see built-up tensions and people wanting to take the easy way out when we are all struggling to maintain the spark that ignites and keep the fire going.

For 2018, I hope that everyone will be. more. present.

It was also a year witnessing some of my beloved people tying the knot. Safe to say, I was bridesmaids for all three of them all in the span of 2 months! Definitely a tiring ordeal haha, but it was well worth it. My heart is so full and I can't stop crying, be it viewing the video highlights or seeing the beautiful bride walking down the aisle. I just can't help it. I think being able to find someone you truly cherish and loves you for who you are is such a rarity.

Which brings me to my boo, thank you for being there for me and loving every single quirk in me. I may not be the easiest person to love because I have high hopes and big dreams and someone who loves simply may not fully comprehend that. Thank you for allowing me to speak my mind out loud, for always wanting the best for me and most importantly, for being able to say sorry (just because actions always speak louder than words) and it's something I love you for.

I do not know for sure what 2018 has in store for us but I am very excited to experience it all with you. For better or for worse, let us conquer them all together.

In a nutshell, 2017 has been a whirlwind of a journey for sure.

Work has been rewarding and I am glad that I have found something I find meaning and purpose to after switching over from giving full-time tuition. The last time I experienced such a feeling was possibly when I saved up my first 10,000 when I was 21. I have taken up less events as a means to prioritise what matters and what is more important. Very thankful for all the opportunities that were given to me.

In 2018, I want to be able to just do more. Do more for people, do charity, exercise more, read more. Spend on quality pieces and spend on things that matter. I have started a mission of decluttering and am definitely heads on into it this year, in the hopes of being able to declutter and organise my mind as well.

2018 is going to be Spectacular!

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