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A Taste of Apartment Living


Apartment living is extremely expensive here, I'm sure we can all agree. That being said, I think having a taste of living alone / with a partner is always a good starting base to getting your own place. It enlightens you on the daily habits of each other, how we throw our clothes around, how we clean up the dirty crumbs on the table surface or how we can't stand mess on the kitchen counter. Matching up to each other's messiness is so important! (well, that's if you get past all the snoring going on in the bedroom too 😂)


Decided to give Pan Pacific Serviced Apartments a go cos we have been trying to find a space to cook steak in for a while. I can't cook anything moo-related at home cos it's not allowed. So yes, to finding alternative solutions. After my doctor's appointment in the morning (which was way overdued), we ventured down to the Fairprice Finest at Zhongshan mall to source for ingredients and may I just add that, that Fairprice was so huge and tidy and had so many different options!

Here's the menu for the night:-

It was quite a spread & everything on/at that table was so scrumptious. YUM!
Managed to wolf down everything which was quite a feat. I was quite impressed that Pan Pac actually also provided us table mats! I like setting the table with table mats cos I feel like it just adds to the meal experience somehow.


Caught the very first Ironman movie post-dinner (& did you know that 10 rings was mentioned in that movie?!) and had a really good breakfast before checking out of the place. If you are driving, they also come with free parking. The apartment itself was also a great size and I would def revisit again.

Hope you guys had a great weekend too!


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