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Fully Vaccinated and Tokyo Olympics Excitement

This week has been one of the fastest week to pass me by I must say - it just went by in a flash. I spent a lot of time resting cos I was mostly feeling lethargic, likely due to the 2nd vaccine I took on Monday afternoon. Thankfully enough, I did not experience any fever although the weather was really not helping with the rest situation. It was scorching hot the entire week! All I wanna do is just to hide in an air-con room and sip on some good old iced coffee.

✩ ✩ ✩

Here's me rocking my Chanel Dad Sandals whilst sipping on iced coffee at the side of the stairwell cos the cafe we wanted to visit was too packed so we opted for a takeaway instead. Hiding from the rays is definitely a skillset on our sunny island.

Also been spending the weekend sitting in front of the TV catching the Tokyo Olympics Artistic Gymnastics. Are you guys a fan of the Olympics? And if so, is there a particular sport that you always enjoy watching? Mine are Artistic Gym, Rhythmic Gym, Swimming, Diving and Synchro Swimming. Not entirely sure if there is Synchro swim this year though. Still, extremely excited and can't wait to watch the A gym finals! There are some individuals that I'm personally rooting for.


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