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Prada Fall 2021 Showcase

You know the Autumn season is definitely well on its way when all the Fall showcases start dropping. I was really lucky to have been invited for the Prada Fall 2021 Showcase recently and decided to take an hour off from work just to pop by to see if anything caught my eye. 

Look at the gorgeous Prada sign at Paragon from across the street!

I honestly really think that Prada should be on everyone's radar and a brand to watch out for. Raf Simons joining the brand since April 2020 as co-creative director alongside Miuccia Prada has spurred the brand to absolute greater heights I do think. I don't remember lusting over anything from the brand prior since that Cahier constellation bag which took over the Instagram world by storm. I've been seeing so many new and exciting designs from the brand since last year and I'm all for it!

There were quite a lot of people at the event but I think the store was still trying to cap the number of people to 50pax and had to unfortunately turn away some people at the door who turned up not knowing it was a closed door private event. This season came with a lot of prints for turtle necks, the usual basics and this yellow coat that is to die for. I do like the color yellow, but only in this particular sunshine-y shade, not the pastel or mustardy kind of yellow. It has to be bright! Like a sunflower. Tell me it doesn't make you happy just looking at it (:

Tried on this high neck top, which can be worn with the collar folded down too. If you zip it up as a turtleneck, there is a Prada logo at the neckline. The skirt is a mix of straight cut with pleated detail at the side and a metal buckle for a belt. It fits really snug and I really like the look of a fitted top paired together with a statement flared out skirt to give the look a lot more volume. Paired the outfit with these Brushed Leather Loafers (the staff calls this the Chocolate shoe cos apparently they look like a chocolate bar lol) These weren't in my size unfortunately and were a size too big so I can't vouch for the fit true to size, but it def feels quite comfy when I wore them. Very street chic if you're into that look, just perhaps not the most suitable for work? 

And oh gosh, I can't believe they had the sparkly reissue bag in store that day so I finally got to see it in person since they are always sold out! The bag looks way better in real life and really has this sparkle to it. You can for sure dress it up or down. This bag is not meant to be worn low-key so if you're not into statement bags that will attract compliments and stares, this bag is def not for you haha.  I feel like this bag is an either you love it or hate it situation. Last of all, that yellow coat? It is the ultimate dream. I prolly won't ever get it though cos let's be real, there's no where for me to wear that to justify the cost of it but it's really beautiful. The details and the stitching and those big bell sleeves!! LOVE <3

I may or may not have cheekily picked up something 😬(placed something on a few weeks back and was told to wait for this event to launch). What's great about such events sometimes is you actually get promo rates only for the event attendees and I got a really good deal. My SA is also the loveliest and gave me this big blue box of sweeties. Very very kind of her.

I know it seems like all I've been doing is blogging about shopping lately but truthfully, there's nothing much else going on in my life except for work lol. The small moments I sneak out to do some retail therapy do make me happy and spark joy and I enjoy sharing those moments with you here. I'm not sure when these pieces are launching in stores at the moment but should be soon so keep a look out for them!


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