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Belle for a Day

I am such a massive Disney fan that sometimes, I amaze myself at the lengths I would go to just to express my utter love for Disney. If you are a Disney lover and know the lyrics to most of the songs, (I love you already!) Ever since they dropped the first trailer, my heart has been pounding so hard as I await patiently for the movie to arrive on the big screens. and then I thought, why not dress up as Belle to go watch the movie?

Funnily enough, Belle's character is played by Emma Watson in the movie and the last time I full-on dressed up for a movie was the finale of Harry Potter, where I was trying to look like Hermione (it's on my Fb profile pictures if you're my friend there), also played by Emma Watson. That girl just takes on all the best roles!

If you haven't caught Beauty and the Beast already, what are you waiting for??
The movie was so magical, I cried once during the Ballroom scene whilst clutching Jasper's hand so tightly and singing Tale as old as time... and then twice at random scenes cos it was so MAGICAL. So magical. Ahh Disney, you guys did a great job. And may I just add that, your casting is absolutely SPOT-ON?! I mean, the whole world already knew that when the final cast was announced but seriously validating it after the film is on another level.

I went in with such high expectations for the film and was so scared I'll be mad disappointed for raising the bar so high on them, but I'm so happy. My heart was so full. I started clapping when the show ended in the huge theatre when the credits started rolling and Ariana Grande started humming, and then many others started clapping after me too. 

That was easily one of the most magical days of my life.
No exaggerations there.


Gwen Stefani x Urban Decay

I think it is every girl's dream to own all the pretty palettes there are in this world and if you are a makeup junkie like me, you would be no stranger to this palette. This is a collaboration between Gwen Stefani and Urban Decay; w UD being best known for their highly pigmented eyeshadows.

When I first saw this palette being mentioned in Youtube Videos, I already knew I loved it. It has almost all the shades that I would ever love in a palette and some really daring colours that I could possibly wear for a special night out as well! (safe for the yellow-gold shade that I'm a little intimidated of) 

Of course, I was trying to be on a makeup hiatus then (and the whole of this year, for a matter of fact - trying to channel that inner Minimalism) so when I got gifted this by my Prince Charming, I was super over the moon! I know it has been a while since this palette has launched and I'm late to the game in reviewing it, but for those of you out there who have been eye-ing this, here are my two cents worth about the palette.

First of all, the packaging for this palette is brilliant. I LOVE IT. It is simple, yet classy and extremely hardy. Comes w a huge mirror which is always perfect for a palette and along with that, it also comes with 15 eyeshadow shades, most of them being neutrals. There is a good mix of shimmer and matte shades, a great highlight shade and a matte black shade. What more can you ask for?

Unlike the Naked palettes that are long and slim, this comes slightly more boxy and the eyeshadows are dime-sized. Despite being bulkier than its Naked counterparts, I do love this palette and I personally think that it is easier for me to swirl my finger in the eyeshadow as I love to apply my eyeshadow base w my finger. 

L-R: Blonde, Bathwater, Skimp, Steady, Punk

A neutral shimmery shade that makes for a wonderful highlight shade for the inner tear ducts
A gold micro-glitter shade if you prefer something more golden for a night out
This shade is SUPER buttery and unlike any other eyeshadows. It is a beige-y color and has slight shimmer to it. Makes for a great base or all over the lids
The perfect rose-gold shade that I'm obsessed with. Comes with micro-glitter
A matte burnt dark-brown shade with a reddish undertone

L-R: Baby, Anaheim, Stark, Zone, Serious

A champagne glitter shade. One of my other fav glitter shade besides Steady. I usually apply this all over my eyelids and contour it with a matte brown
A matte light brown shade that has a cool undertone to it
Matte nude shade and is the PERFECT base. I love that this palette has 3 matte brown shades located side by side in it.
A matte cocoa shade. It is slightly darker and warmer than Anaheim
A satin brown shade that has a grey undertone to it as well as flecks of gold micro-glitter

L-R: Pop, Harajuku, Danger, 1987, Blackout

Pop is a glitter champagne silvery shade that is slightly chalky in texture
Super fun pink shimmery shade yet really wearable when paired with matte browns
This is the most beautiful navy shimmer shade and it glides on so smoothly, it's incredible! Highly pigmented as well
Probably my least fav shade in the entire palette. This is a gold shimmer shade w a yellow base
A matte black shade that is really well pigmented. Every good palette should have a good matte black shade and this palette is one of them


My favourite shades in this palette are definitely Skimp (SO Buttery!!), Baby (such a pretty shade all over the lids) and Zone. Other notable mentions are definitely Danger just because I've never seen such an intense highly pigmented Navy shade before. It's sucha Beaut!

This palette is one of my fav most used palettes right now and it's hard to live without it on my vanity now. I find myself reaching for it ever so often. If you have this palette as well, let me know what are your thoughts on it (:

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