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Belle for a Day

I am such a massive Disney fan that sometimes, I amaze myself at the lengths I would go to just to express my utter love for Disney. If you are a Disney lover and know the lyrics to most of the songs, (I love you already!) Ever since they dropped the first trailer, my heart has been pounding so hard as I await patiently for the movie to arrive on the big screens. and then I thought, why not dress up as Belle to go watch the movie?

Funnily enough, Belle's character is played by Emma Watson in the movie and the last time I full-on dressed up for a movie was the finale of Harry Potter, where I was trying to look like Hermione (it's on my Fb profile pictures if you're my friend there), also played by Emma Watson. That girl just takes on all the best roles!

If you haven't caught Beauty and the Beast already, what are you waiting for??
The movie was so magical, I cried once during the Ballroom scene whilst clutching Jasper's hand so tightly and singing Tale as old as time... and then twice at random scenes cos it was so MAGICAL. So magical. Ahh Disney, you guys did a great job. And may I just add that, your casting is absolutely SPOT-ON?! I mean, the whole world already knew that when the final cast was announced but seriously validating it after the film is on another level.

I went in with such high expectations for the film and was so scared I'll be mad disappointed for raising the bar so high on them, but I'm so happy. My heart was so full. I started clapping when the show ended in the huge theatre when the credits started rolling and Ariana Grande started humming, and then many others started clapping after me too. 

That was easily one of the most magical days of my life.
No exaggerations there.


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