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Paddock Bakery in Gold Coast

If you have ever traveled to some of the larger cities in Aussie, you will know that it is the place to go and be seen for their Brunches. They have one of the BEST brunch spots in the World, coupled with some of the most delicious coffees as well. I honestly do not know if it is something in their milk, or the fresh produce that they use in their food, but I would like to think that they somehow sprinkled some magic into their food.

Whilst in Gold Coast last Fall, we made a trip down to Paddock Bakery cos of some of their stunning reviews online. Good food, nice outdoor seating, lovely atmosphere - what more can you ask for really? If you only have limited space in your belly for brunch in GC, you should bookmark this spot down and you will not be disappointed.

Look at all their fresh bakes! They look so good and so aesthetically pleasing! Although I would say that some of the bakes were on the pricier side and cos the both of us were too stuffed after all the food, we decided to just settle for one of their cookies and it was seriously good as well.

One of their MUST-ORDER is their Signature Hot Chocolate that comes with whipped and torched marshmallow cloud. The Hot Choc is rich and thick (just like those you will get from Angelina's) and it is just the most sinful drink you will find at Paddock. (oh wait, we were sitting beside this table and the kids all got their own customised milkshakes and THOSE definitely were way more sinful than this) But I digress. No better way to treat yourself to something hot and chocolatey on your holiday.

For food, we ordered the Benny Bagel with Bacon and the Dippy Eggs w an extra side of Avo of course. They have a whole lot of other options to choose from on the menu including salads and acai if you would like to opt for something healthier. It was a really windy day whilst we were there and there we were, enjoying our food outside whilst trying our best to shield our food from the leaves and laughing at all that commotion.

20 Hibiscus Haven, Burleigh, QLD 4220
Open | 7 days ; 6am to 3pm

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