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A Breath of Fresh Air

Went on a month long hiatus cos I was feeling really un-inspirational and did not really have much content to put out. We are now well into the third quarter of the year. Along with struggling to achieve personal goals for the year, we also do have to remind ourselves to take a breather sometimes and nothing beats the smell of hill top fresh air amongst lush greenery.

If you've not visited Mt Faber park in a while, you really ought to! The drive up and down kinda reminded me of the turns and bends of Hong Kong hill-top slopes as well, not to mention the free parking available. They also do have some cafes and restaurants at the top of the peak should you feel like grabbing a bite whilst enjoying the view from above. Otherwise, a short hike with a bottle of water in hand would easily make a very enjoyable low-impact exercise routine.

O U T F I T  D E E T S
Top - Nike | Tights - Lulu Lemon | Shoes - Veja | Visor - Cotton On | Bottle - Dior

I've been getting really lazy with my exercising routine (well well, not surprising at all!) and I really should jump back and get onboard with it. Been exercising my brain mostly and laughing my heart out watching reruns of Running Man. Planning to execute some exciting things relating to work and good news, I finally got myself a new Macbook air, ipad and phone! It's def been a long time coming. Time to slowly move everything over to the new devices. Yay!


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