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Dior Mid-year Sale Picks


If you are not aware or have not heard wind of, the DIOR mid-year sales are up and running in stores! I have been waiting for the sales to start for a while and was so excited when my SA texted me about it so I decided to pop by on the first day of the sale to get first dibs on all the items. For anyone interested to know, I was at the ION store (cos you are able to scan for ION rewards at Dior Ion but you can't get the 3% rebate off for MBS points). That's my main reason for visiting the Ion outlet first. Also due to their shutdown for a while, it's likely they have more items in stock than the MBS store. Very geeky I know lol.

The items mainly on sale are usually Ready to wear, shoes and accessories. I saw that in some countries, they do offer a small selection of SLGs which is so rare! but that's not happening here in the lil red dot if you are wondering.

Here are my sale picks:

I did not take images of the accessories on sale because the selection was really minimal. They do have some guitar straps on sale if you're interested! A whole lot of sunglasses and a couple of scarves. The homeware items were unfortunately not on sale. Most of the pieces are from the 2021 cruise collection. Can't believe they still have shoes in my size! I'm posting this as soon as possible so if you like any of the items you see, you should hurry down to a store soon. They also had this gorgeous GORGEOUS black gown that I did not managed to try on (it's the last one on the rack behind me in the dressing room) cos I went there late after my appointment and was pressed for time. Would love to go back just to try it on for fun.

EDIT: Popped by the MBS store today cos I was nearby and in time for store opening.

That black and white cashmere throw was so lovely and so soft. & that light blue guitar strap! (unfortunately it was in SHW so I passed on it). And yes, I'm that girl with no makeup on and strolls into Dior wearing havis LOL. In my defence, I was in a rush and wasn't expecting to step into the store anyway! The stars just aligned for me.

Beyond elated to snag a few items home.
Are you guys interested in a haul? (:


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