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Another year older


I honestly wasn't intending on doing anything much on my Birthday this year, but things kinda fell into place and I thought it would be lovely to have a nice lunch at a nice restaurant with the best company. Well, the best two companies if you count my Chanel baby that I brought out for the first time :D

Have been saving this dress for a while from ASOS. It's the prettiest frilly dress and I absolutely adore the neckline. Honestly think that my love for pinks have been slowly starting to revive. 

Had lunch at Origin Grill which has the prettiest walkway into the restaurant itself. The food was good, nothing too crazy to shout out about, but I gotta say that the service and ambience was pretty great. Perhaps it was lunch and there were not too many people around. And oh look, another birthday cake! I've had wayyy too many this year (not that I'm complaining!)

Have I also mentioned that Shangri-la has one of the prettiest restrooms? I love that they have separate seating areas in the restroom itself for you to preen yourself or in my case, take outfit photos haha.

There were so many other birthday celebrations I've had with my other friends and I'll get to that slowly. I love that it was so simple this year. Just nice meals with great company that are planned by my diff groups of friends - I actually like that I don't have to plan my own birthday haha. I guess perhaps I've learnt or am learning to start to take a slower backseat in life and let things happen instead of always hysterically trying to pull people together or make things happen. If others want to keep you in their lives, they will always make it a point to ; vice versa.

Here's to many more years of independence and girl power.

Lotsa Love,

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