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Amazing Reunion Dinners

I look forward to CNY Reunion Dinners every year. To me, they are the best things to start off a brand new year before everyone goes into their own personal frantic mode again.

Reunion Dinners are a time for friends and family (basically, your loved ones) to come together and catch up on old times or bond over the love of food. I personally enjoy a good steamboat because, let's be real, reunion dinners are ALL ABOUT THE STEAMBOAT. Nothing beats a good steamboat soup base with all your favorite yummy things thrown into it and eventually soaking up all that wonderful flavourful soup. It tingles my palate all the time and I do not care that I can eat much lesser now than before, when I was still an innocent naive teenager exploring the world of food, yet it still satisfies me like no other.

Laze on the couch thereafter, eat some cake and ice-cream, put on a film or in my case, got introduced to some hilarious drag-queen reality tv show on Netflix and resume round 2 of eating at Midnight. These are the moments that I cherish and these are the memories that I won't forget.

How did you spend your Reunion Dinners?
Share them with me (:


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