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Our First Anniversary

We spent our first anniversary a while back, (which happens to fall on Christmas Day as well), so I thought I'll share a little with you about our tiny romantic date that day.

In general, I'm really more of a let's-stay-at-home and cook something to eat kind of person but I do enjoy and do miss eating out / trying new restaurants sometimes. For Christmas, seeing that it's our First Anniversary as well, he asked me what I wanted to do and I said a nice dinner would be nice. He actually wanted to plan a full day's worth of activity for me but I really just wanted to chill at home with his company and just have some down-time with him.

We had a lovely meal at Prive in the evening and I really enjoyed the food at dinner as well as the company, of course. Jasper is the type of person who will gobble his food up without having a clue what ingredients are actually on the plate. Yes, he will probably know he's having a steak or a lobster, but most of the time he does not care less if the dish came with champagne-chive sauce so I always take on the role of trying to educate him on his meal as much as possible. A man's gotta know what you're filling your belly with!

I adore this black mesh dress that I got from Zara last year and paired it with my trusty Chanel.

Yes, we have awkward crooked teeth (result of never ever having braces done) and ugly laugh lines but I guess that's what makes us similar in so many ways. Looking forward to sharing many more weird antics and habits with you.


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