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Auckland & the BEST Fish Sliders

Auckland is New Zealand's largest and most populous area. Whilst we were there, we saw a lot of students and lots of Asian food somehow. Perhaps, most of the schools were near where we were staying at that night (which was a crappy hotel that I really do not recommend). Thankfully, that was the only room that I wasn't really fond of the entire trip!

Beside the Auckland Art Gallery by Toi O Tamaki (worth a visit!) sits Myers Park. We caught sight of this flowering tree that reminded me a lot of Sakuras which I have yet to personally witness in Japan. 

By the power of Google and Yelp, we decided to have our first meal of our trip at Depot. The restaurant is helmed by Chef Al Brown and I kid you not, you HAVE TO COME HERE just to sink your teeth into their in-house fish sliders.

The sliders usually come in three's but the waitress was so smart and asked us if we wanted four instead so that we don't have to fight over the last one. BOY, WAS SHE RIGHT ABOUT THAT. These are Snapper sliders w pickled lemon mayo and watercress. They were seriously the best damn fish sliders I've ever had. Fluffy buns, succulent fish, amazing sauce. (and yes, I did just copy all of that from my Instagram post haha)

Honestly never did rave about a fish slider so much before. I went into a bookstore and found a book by him and took a photo of his recipe HEHE. Gonna try recreating this some time for sure.

Also worth mentioning is this wood-roasted bone marrow dish that came with a medley of parsley, capers and shallots. YUM in my TUM.

I don't really know why do Singaporeans like us get so excited over the sights of cows and sheep and basically, FARM ANIMALS. Not an everyday sight back home so excuse the over-excitement. :D

We were supposed to be looking for Cornwall Creamery but it was located quite deep in the park and we didn't have much time to spare so we decided to settle for breakfast at Cornwall Park Cafe. Could spot it a mile away from the number of people gathered outside at the Al Fresco area. 

Their Big Breakfast is MASSIVE so order to share with you and your lover. Those tomatoes on the vine though, are the bomb!


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