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New Mattifying Moisturiser

All of us know that having a good moisturiser in your daily skincare routine is key because it keeps your skin hydrated through the day whilst you go about slogging away in the sun. Many people who work in offices think that moisturisers and a good sunblock is unnecessary but constantly being in an air-conditioned environment dries out your skin and the fluorescent office lights do emit harmful UV rays as well.

I am someone with oily combination skin so I if a skincare product is mattifying, I'm all for it! My previous moisturiser fav has been the Soap & Glory Clear Here which is a T-zone oil-control daily moisturiser lotion. Sadly, they discontinued it. When I learnt that they were discontinuing it a few years ago, I went slightly cray and wiped the shelf off of a particular Sephora of this moisturiser. I was THAT INTO IT. 

Recently, I got through my very last bottle of it, so naturally, I've been hunting around for a great mattifying moisturiser as well. I know quite a while back that I wanted to give La Roche-Posay a try as I've heard many great things about this French skincare brand. The lady at the counter recommended this to try and after a week of application, I am loving it!

It has a gel texture and applies very easily on the skin, almost like a primer sort of consistency. I like that it is light and works with combatting oil but because I have such oily skin, I still have to blot a couple of times through the day. I would say that it definitely does better in terms of mattifying your skin than some other moisturisers I've tried in the market. Will definitely be repurchasing this.

If you have a great recommendation for mattifying moisturisers, please let me know! I would love to try them out as I seek out in search of my next holy grail moisturiser.


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