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Go-to Restaurant in Iceland

 It is no doubt that Iceland is now the top on my list of countries to visit. Being quite the jet-setter, I have possibly planned my trip to the land of fairies 2 whole years in advance; or rather, I wanted to go at the best suitable timing so that there's a higher chance of myself catching the Northern Lights (which I did!)

Food in Iceland is by no means cheap by my standards, possibly similar to most of the Scandinavian countries. We went to the convenience store one day to grab some light food and snacks for our two-day trip outside of Reykjavik and one small packed cold pasta salad set us back about $11. Woah. That is crazy expensive!

For our last night in Iceland, we thought we would go big and grab a nice meal at a nice restaurant. And that's just what we did. 

DILL is a Nordic restaurant and the brainchild of Chef Gunnar Karl Gíslason and Sommelier Ólafur Örn Ólafsson. They have been nominated for the Nordic Price 3 years in a row - and for good reason. It is a relatively small restaurant (do make reservations in advance) but their food packs a whole load of punch. 

Lamb Fat Bread
You can opt for a 5 course menu (11,900kr ~ S$130) or a 7 course menu (13,900kr) and with each, comes complimentary amuse bouche (or the Icelanders would call them 'snacks'). The items on the menu are seasonal and always subjected to change as the chef believe in using what's in session. Hence, what you see here in this post may not be what you are getting on your plates.

Considering how much you pay for a convenience store salad, this meal is not expensive and you can expect a bang for your buck.


Cabbage, Roe and Dried Sausage
Hands down, one of the best cabbage I've ever had. Cabbage - one of the simplest yet hardest food to possibly perfect but this was absolute perfection. It was so soft, melts in your mouth and there's something about the sauce as well. SO GOOD.
Wild Goose, Cauliflower and Crowberries
Potato, Ash-Skyr and Lamb Hearts
Blueberry and Cream, Juniper and Skyr
Honestly speaking, I am extremely thankful that we had our last meal in Iceland because if we hadn't, I would have left the beautiful country thinking that Nordic food is nothing special and mainly consist of cold pasta salads and skyr yoghurts. This meal changed my perception towards Nordic cuisine and there is definitely a lot of originality and creativity that went into creating the dishes as they are not the typical food types that you would possibly pair together. 

I highly recommend you check out this place as I have nothing but great admiration for their food.

Hverfisgata 12 
101 Reykjavik
Tel: +354 552 1522
Wed - Sat 7pm to 10pm


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