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Every single time I'm taking a holiday, I make full use of it to dress up cos I rarely get to do that back home. Most of the time, I'm in work attire (still working on expanding my work wardrobe). And on weekends, most of the time I'm also just chilling at home. So for me, taking a trip overseas on a holiday is the BEST time to piece together some snazzy outfits that otherwise, won't ever get to see the light of day.

Threw on a flannel over some black jeans and drew up some boots. I paired the outfit with a floppy black hat that I have not worn in a while and a huge cosy white cardi. The hat actually proved useful that day cos it started raining right after my coffee break.

Probably one of the more "risqué" outfits of the lot cos you might attract just a bit too much attention in the +65. But in Japan, who cares? It is a fashionista town! The inner bralet was actually a velvet one I got from Lasenza many years ago and it has proven so useful especially when pairing with a translucent top. Some white jeans and I busted out a new pair of white Supergas. Oh, and if you look closely, you'll spot me wearing this pair of dangly pearl earrings that I got the night before and they were a total dupe for the ones by Soru Jewellery and at a fraction of the price!

This was possibly my fav outfit the entire trip. If you could describe my personality in one outfit, it would probably be this. I like that it is slightly flirty, doesn't show too much skin and I have a slight obsession with knee high boots. Loving the color combination as well. This deep red color is sucha statement without being too showy.

I wore this outfit to venture to Shimo-kitazawa for the day. It is a hipster town and you will find yourself passing by many cool vintage shops selling apparels and furniture alike. Another accessory that I love bringing with me on travels are hats. I think diff hats are able to bring a whole other meaning to your outfit.

This is my go-to comfy outfit. A huge sweater (with slots for your hands!) over some extremely comfy Uniqlo relaxed jeans and my white Supergas. No prizes for guessing where I went to that day. I was extremely happy about my minnie ears cos can you believe it or not, this was my first proper Disney themepark experience! I really wouldn't count the Disney in HK cos all the rides were rather kiddish. Walked so so much that day, in the rain no less, yet so so happy. Oh, and did I mention it was Halloween special? It was so fun watching everyone dress up in so many cool costumes! I had on some cobweb hoops and a shade of deep plum on my lips to join in the fun (:


Are you guys missing traveling yet? Hopefully we can all get to do that soon. In the meantime, you can always put up your own loungewear fashion show whilst at home. or don some sexy lingerie for the hubs. I'm sure they'll appreciate it *winkwink*


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