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Lockdown Care-packs

Before we officially went into a lockdown on Tuesday, I drove out to a mall to do some shopping cos I knew that I wanted to put together some care-packs for a few people to help ease up on the boredom and as a nice touch from me. Is it weird that I actually genuinely get all excited when I'm putting together nice thoughtful things for people? I guess that's why I have personally enjoyed planning surprises for people as well since young such as birthday parties, and generally anything with a personal touch to it makes my heart flutter.

On a side note, these boxes from Daiso are BRILLIANT. So sturdy, comes with a handle, making it the perfect box to plan your care-pack around. I threw in really random things like SPONGES lol, origami paper, nightsticks, balloons, S hooks, colored markers, lotsa lotsa snacks and the obvious handwritten card from me. I used to get a kick out of doing really brainless things like sorting out gift bags and this was really a good outlet for me to "wind down" my brain whilst still getting something done.

It's probably not possible to retail shop anymore (unless you get it from an online store) but if you would like to maybe gift something special to someone, you can always consider ordering food and delivering it to someone or even a carefully curated care-pack from Watsons/Guardian.

Stay home, stay safe and here's to another happy healthy week at home!


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