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Virgin Oyster Shucking Experience

So, whilst I was in San Francisco earlier this month, I was fortunate enough to be able to join in on an Oyster Shucking day with some friends from Singapore. Am I a huge fan of oysters? ... No, not really. However, must say that the idea of doing something new for the first time was exciting enough for me to jump on the opportunity. 

Drove past the Golden Gate bridge on the way to our destination! You have to witness it during sunset because it is shining and so damn gorgeous. Also, this forest with hugeeee treees! Definitely a twilight moment there.

It was such a beautiful day! We had the sun shining on us, the perfect amount of wind and the weather was so crisp and refreshing. We spent the afternoon at Hog Island Oyster Co and had a table all to ourselves to barbecue our food. You can order oysters by the dozens or hundreds... (we got a total of about 140 oysters. whattt), shuck them and enjoy a taste of the sea right at the table. There is something about shucking your own oysters and having them on the spot with a dash of tobasco and a squeeze of fresh lemon that makes it so satisfying and tastes 10x better! Don't you think? I may actually start giving oysters a second chance on my palate now.

You can also order fresh clams and tbh, it was my first time having fresh clams. They don't taste as delectable as the oysters but they taste sweet. We used them mostly to cook a pot of Miso clam soup. Yummmyyy. Sausages, fresh berries, chips, red wine, good old OJs, great company - I mean what else can you ask for?

Thank you #darouxiaocai for having me (:


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