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Turning 30!

You celebrate all the birthdays in the world, yet none of them will ever be like your 30th milestone. It marks possibly 1/3 of your lifetime and it's the start to the best times of your life. I did not get to throw a party when I turn 21, just a casual fun one where my closest friends planned a surprise party for me and strapped me to a reverse bungee blindfolded and it was simply perfect if you ask me. However, I really wanted to throw a bash on my 30th cos, when else will you get to throw another party like this eh?

Really glad that the boyfie managed to help source and chanced upon KARA Moments run by KARA Cafe & Dessert Bar who are the lovely team behind Sogurt.  The space is so gorgeous and well-lit and ticked off all the boxes I would want in a venue space. Liping, who is the owner of KARA, is also kind enough to show me around the space and just simply a wonderful person to talk to. Kara also provides a dessert menu etc if you would like to obtain catering from them!

The venue itself is a 2-storey loft which I'm obsessed with because it means that it has high ceilings and I love myself a good loft. The tables and chairs are provided for you and modular so that you can reconfigure it however you want, should you need the space for various workshops or intimate seminar/networking sessions. Location is also fantastic, right smack in the middle of Bukit Timah, except you probably have to park at Coronation Plaza if you are driving. Another thing to note is that, the venue starts on the second storey, up a flight of stairs, so something to consider as it might be inconvenient for individuals who are handicapped (like my grandpa haha). He is such a champ though and conquered that flight of stairs!

Loving all the balloons and the decor with styling and set-up help by my lovely friends and family. Considering the fact that I managed to put this party together in less than 2 weeks was already a feat in itself! Would say that most of the decor items are from my own stash at home, many thanks to Lishi for lending me the beerpong table. The balloons and sweet treats are bought and delivered, if you're ever thinking of putting together a party at the last minute as well.


This beautiful blush pink cake is baked by my friend Huiyi who owns Bloomsbury Bakers! They specialise in baking customised cakes and do setups for dessert tables as well. I absolutely adore her cakes but never had an occasion of my own that I actually can get her to help me with a cake of my own. This is what her and her team came up with! It is a chocolate cake with fresh cream and a brittle sort of crunch in it. Everyone at the party raved about the cake and it could not have been a better choice. I highly recommend!


Thank you to all my closest friends who came to grace my birthday (did I mention that it was the date of my actual birthday as well?) and dressing according to theme! (:


Also to the best family in the world. Thank you for all the laughter in my life and being the constant support of pillars in my 30 years of existence. 

Earlier that morning, J and I went to volunteer at Willing Hearts which is something I have wanted to do in a while now. We got down and dirty and scrubbed down grimy pots and pans that were big enough to cook me in it. Thank you for being in my life and for the love.


So reluctant to cut the pretty cake but I had to! It was such a special day and I loved every moment of it. I was THIS close to not planning anything but I'm glad I decided to do it cos these will definitely be great memories in many years to come.


Till the next birthday milestone!


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