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Girl-Trippin' in Gold Coast

Sometime in August last fall, Mat and I took a much-awaited girls' trip to the Gold Coast. To say that we have possibly planned this trip about a year in advance is about right. I'm definitely missing all the mornings by the beach, the crisp fresh air, the drives along the coast and most of all, the sunset and each other's company. Here are just some snippets of what we got up to during the trip!

Trekked through the woods upon touchdown from the plane, caught Toy Story 4 at a drive-in movie theatre atop our car, went to visit some glow-worms in a cave, popped by a Miami Marketta, grabbed a drink at the Roosevelt Lounge, had SO MANY brunches but my fav is definitely Paddock Bakery, explored some true vintage gems, took a stroll on the beach and basked in the Sunday Market hustle & bustle.

I'm probably going to do another post where I will share with you our itinerary for the trip, (so stay tuned!) I do miss traveling and it's definitely going to be a long while before life can return back to normal where we are allowed to roam freely and travel as and where we would like to. Until then...


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