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Our 2nd Anniversary

You know that you are getting older when you and your partner 'try' to celebrate the Monthversaries but fail extremely terribly cos neither of you can actually remember when the date rolls around. (a sad cry to my younger self for sure). Now, all we do is celebrate Anniversaries so (coughs Jasper coughs), I expect slightly more effort okay haha.


Anyhow, this is way overdued because we spent our 2nd Anniversary last Christmas! We actually visited a friend's place for Christmas brunch/her housewarming in the afternoon before having some time to ourselves at night for dinner. We stopped by the Singpost Office in the late afternoon, purchased some random games from a store and played them at the Gong-cha store.

I am obsessed with this dress of mine which I got from M&S in the UK! (with the help of a friend cos they did not stock it in Singapore) It is long, dreamy and the perfect dress for a celebration. I paired it with my trusty Chanel Boy and voila.

The bf spoilt me with a meal at Ginza Kuroson at Ngee Ann City where I had my wagyu don bowl craving satisfied. The sashimi was also very fresh and the ambience was super spot-on. If you are looking for a really nice Japanese restaurant to have a nice dinner with your friends/family, this is a place worth checking out.

Half a year left to the next anniversary... but in the meantime, time to soothe the scratchy throat with loads of water, honey lemon and pipagao.


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