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The Poke Life

If you like raw fish on rice, you will definitely be a big fan of Poke. (And no, I don't mean Pokemon, I mean Poke - the healthy dish that originated from Hawaii and is slowly taking over Singapore as well). This honestly reminds me a lot of a good old Chirashi don. Think diced cubes of marinated raw fish atop of rice and topped with vegetables. 

The way that Poke bowls differ from a Chirashi don lies in their sides and add-ons. Whilst a standard Chirashi will come garnished with Japanese sides like ikura, tamago and wasabi, Poke bowls offer your standard variety of cherry tomatoes, avocado and are usually topped with diced pineapples as well, a fruit that Hawaii is famous for. Also, instead of offering a wider spread of raw fish, Poke bowls usually come served mainly in marinated Salmon and Tuna. 

Recently, I had a bowl of delicious Poke from Aloha Poke located along Amoy Street and I like the fact that they give us the an option for brown rice. I mean, if you're trying to be healthy, might as well be healthy all the way through, no? Besides, I'm starting to be accustomed to eating brown rice and I'm much preferring it to white on most days. 

Have you caught on to the Poke trend yet?
If yes, let me know what are your favourite Poke joints! Remember - sharing is caring. Would love to hear from you all.


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